Our Range Of Roller Coasters -for Boys and Girls from 8 to16.
Education in Mechanics, Electrification, Electronics and Programming 

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Genius Roller Coaster – An Educational Toy for Girls and Boys Age 8 to 16.


The idea of this toy is to give kids a wide range of possibilities how to build this Roller Coaster: As the base plate consists of a stable ABS square part with the tube holder in its center, the ground level can start with at least 3 plates –up to an infinite number taking more and more footprint. The horizontal tube allows for holding the wires that are used for activating motors, solenoids, LEDs, limit switches, etc.

We recommend to build three stories, so the balls can roll down ca 90cm –with glass balls on aluminum wire having a very low friction this ride can take a minute and consume 10meters of wire easily.

Given the light weight of this construction, the Genius Roller Coaster can be placed on any flat surface, but also be fixed to the ceiling without the need of any supporting plate, like an artistic mobile. 

The “glow in the dark” marble is fun to watch rolling down the Coaster in total darkness, and LEDs that can be put into the transparent acrylic tube make this toy even more attractive at night.

The main thought that motivated us to make the Genius Roller Coaster in three levels was to educate kids over a long period of time, educating them in various sectors –from mechanics for the 8-year old to build up the basic construction, to electrification with an elevator to automate the rolling process for 10-12 years old kids, to more complicated and sophisticated features for 12-16 year old teens to introduce them to the world of computer-controlled electronics, teaching how to build track switches with solenoids, how to shoot balls over distances surpassing a meter, how to control lighting and activate audio files at thresholds.

We offer a shop with all modules and spare parts, so there are no limits as to size or complexity.

We decided to propose our 3 levels in two versions: The budget version to offer basic functionality, and the Premium version with double the plastic parts and more modules offering a wider range of electromechanical and electronic components for levels 2 and 3. And depending on the age of the kid starting the journey with our Genius Roller Coaster, we offer all levels for both versions Premium and Budget respectively in one package at a discounted rate compared to buying each level separately.


We wish joy and “enlightenment” to every boy and girl indulging in this fabulous educational toy.

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